Wednesday, April 22, 2009

G(orgeous) L(adies) O(f) W(hite Slavery)

My favorite Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are those with NO BRAVADO WHATSOEVER who wanly threaten their similarly swagger-deficient rivals from the pastel hallways of a retirement home.

"I'm gonna...sink my teeth into her. I'm gonna do it."

"When they push me, I hurt them."

"They will...remember this day."


es138 said...

Raw Meat!

Ladee Anthonee said...

This is Dynasty without the dialogue.

Ladee Anthonee said...

and without the hairspray-induced vitriol!

Steven Blum said...

This combines all of my favorite things. Casinos, the 80's, wrestling, big women looming over small men in casions, and the words "raw meat" sung in a hoarsey drawl.